Writing Tips For Parents

    Cartoon pencil     Give your child choice in his/her writing. 
         Start a writer's notebook.    
         Don't worry if some pieces get abandoned while others get          published. This is how real writers work.

Let your child see you write (don't worry about your spelling either). You might write notes back and forth to each other in a journal.                                                               

Focus on content and ideas first. Conventions will come later. If you mark up a page in red, you may discourage the child from writing at all.

Celebrate the pieces of writing your student has completed. Have the child read the piece at dinner and give it a place of honor on the fridge. Focus on what is done well.

Encourage creativity in approach to a topic, organization, format, and method. Point out dynamic word choice and interesting transitions. Let your child develop his/her own voice.

Have your child do a variety of types of writing. This could be thank-you notes or a dinner menu.