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Hispanic Heritage Month 2022

Hispanic Heritage Month honors the history and contributions of Latinx People around the world.

With this year's theme as Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation, hear from Latinx PSD Students and Staff from on why all voices that are represented build stronger communities.

A picture writing at her desk. Student in front of a door smiling
"All different voices need to be represented in our community because they all matter. Even though we come from different backgrounds, it's important that we respect each other. Whether you're at school, in a park, or any setting, no one should ever feel ignored. 

This is why all voices should feel represented in our community."
- Allisyn, 6th grade student at Hunt Elementary

PSD Staff working in front of her computer Staff helping a student
"Personally, when you include all voices of the community, it brings different perspectives to the topic at hand. As a bilingual individual, my first language was Spanish, and I later learned English in grade school.

My Spanish background has given me the opportunity to bridge the gap and interpret within our community."

-Abby Wise, Data Processor at Glacier View Junior High

A student sitting on a rock in front of a tree
"All voices should be heard. Each one has a meaning. I hope that one day for each person and race, it does not matter who you are because everyone is important."

-Alvaro, 9th grade student at 
Ballou Junior High