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Travel Claim Forms & Guidelines


Use this form to claim reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenditures related to prior approved travel transactions; these include conference, seminar, and workshop expenses which may or may not involve an overnight stay.  (Non-Prior Approval travel transactions, such as itinerant travel between work locations, are not claimed on this form.)  Claim forms must be submitted within 30 days of the employee’s return date and must include a copy of the prior approval form.  The amounts being claimed must reasonably match the estimated amounts approved on the Prior Approval form.   Reimbursement checks will be mailed to the employee’s home address. 

 Please refer to District Board Policy 6213 and Regulation 6213R for more information on district related travel. 



Personal Information - Enter your name, employee number, and work location. 

 Month/Year - Enter the month and year the travel actually occurred.  This will determine which year the expenses are charged to.

 Conference Information - Enter the name of the conference and where it was held.  This will determine the allowable per diem rates.

 Travel Dates - Enter the date of your departure and the date you returned. 

 Registration (5749) – Enter the total registration fee for which you paid out-of-pocket.  Original receipts are required. 

 Travel Expenses (5849) – Enter the amounts paid out-of-pocket for transportation, lodging, fares, car rental, and parking separately in the spaces provided.  Original receipts are required.  The sum total of these items should be entered on the TOTAL TRAVEL EXPENSE line.

 Other – Enter any other out-of-pocket travel expenses for which there is not a specific line item.  These may include books or other materials required for the workshop attended.  Original receipts are required.  Entertainment related costs will not be reimbursed.

 Mileage (5848) – Enter the travel date, a general description of the “FROM” (origin) and “TO” (destination), and the round trip mileage (rounded to nearest 1/10th of a mile).  Mileage to and from the hotel, to and from the airport, and to and from the event are reimbursable.  Personal mileage (e.g. to and from a restaurant) is not reimbursable.  Mileage is reimbursed at the current IRS rate. 

 Per Diem Allowance  (5847) –  For travel involving an overnight stay, check the breakfast, lunch and/or dinner boxes for each day while on travel status for meals paid for out-of-pocket.  Meals taken on the employee’s final day of travel should be checked in the LAST DAY column.  Employees will receive 75% of the per diem allowance on the first and last days of travel.   Do NOT check the boxes for any meals that were provided as part of the conference registration fees.  Where identifiable costs of meals are included in conference registration fees, the breakfast, lunch and/or dinner components will be deducted from the employee’s per diem allowance.  Receipts are NOT required.  However, a copy of the conference registration form/itinerary showing the schedule of events and meals provided is required for verification purposes.   

 For local travel assignments not involving an overnight stay, meals shall be reimbursed at the breakfast, lunch and dinner component of the $69 per diem rate.

 The incidentals portion of the per diem allowance is intended to cover customary tips; baggage handling fees and tips; and hotel/motel services.

Per diem rates are established by the U.S. General Services Administration and are subject to change.  Current rates can be found online at Employees will be reimbursed from one of the per diem rates listed below based on their primary travel destination.  The Accounting Department will verify the applicable rate.

Per Diem Total
















NOTE:  The Accounting Department will verify the applicable per diem rate based on the employee’s primary travel destination and calculate the total per diem and total reimbursement owed to the employee.



When completed, employees must sign and date the CERTIFICATION section of the form; attach required receipts, a copy of the prior approval form and the conference registration/itinerary

 The form must then be forwarded to the employee’s immediate supervisor and the director with budget authority for the expenditures for their signature(s) in the APPROVAL section of the form.    

 The supervisor or director must place the appropriate budget codes(s) on the form.  If more than one budget code will be used, the AMOUNT OR PERCENT line must be completed for each budget code so the appropriate amounts are applied to each budget at the time of processing. 

 The form and all pertinent documentation must then be forwarded to the applicable Accounting Services Specialist in the Business Office at 109.

 NOTE:  If a form is received by the Accounting Department without the proper documentation, the form will be returned unprocessed to the employee with a note asking for the missing documentation.