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The arts are an important part of Puyallup School District’s academic offerings. Since arts education provides students with essential skills and knowledge they need to be productive, college and career ready citizens the Puyallup School District supports a strong arts program for students in Kindergarten through grade 12. 

Puyallup community members have enjoyed a long tradition of excellence in the arts. Student achievement is evidence of a strong teaching staff, administrative support, and an expectation that the arts will thrive in our schools and for our students.

Students in elementary grades receive instruction in general music twice each week for a total of 60 minutes of instruction. Beginning in grade five, students can begin orchestra or band which takes place before school at the local junior high. Students in grades 7-12 have the chance to enroll in choir, orchestra, band, drama, or visual arts courses.

Student achievement in the arts can be measured in a number of ways. We invite parents and community members to attend concerts, program, art shows, and theatre in any of the 32 schools. Visit the PSD Performing Arts Calendar for more information.

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