Instructor Information

Pre-Registering Participants    Allows for central registration of participants before an activity begins.
Printing a Sign-In Sheet  Allows you to generate a printable sign-in sheet.
Adding an Activity   You can add activities to your catalog using the Add/Edit Activities link or clicking on tools.
Activity Owner Role There is a new role called "Activity Owner", which can be assigned to an activity, 
Post a Workshop and Restrict to a Certain Audience      When you add or edit an activity, you can use the sections to filter. 
Using Wait Lists  Allows greater flexibility when administering activity registrations.
Checking Enrollment of an Upcoming Activity  Activity enrollments can be found in several places in the system.
Confirming Attendance  Allows for final credit to be granted for an entire or partial roster of participants.
 Cancelling/Adding Dates in a Series of  Dates If an activity has more than one date and you are cancelling only one of those dates.