2018-19 Open Enrollment
Open Enrollment 2018-19

Information on Upcoming Open Enrollment 2018-19


2018-19 Open Enrollment Instructions 

Basic Medical Plan Features
Benefit Depot Schedule

Benefit Depot Presentation

Benefit Depot Presentation - PAEOP

Medicare Prescription Drug Notice

2018-19 Annual Open Enrollment starts August 27th and runs thru September 28th

Viewing your Benefit Elections

Employees may view their current benefit elections through the Employee Online website (select the "Insurance" tab in the benefits section). At the Employee Online website, employees can log on, view current benefit elections and make changes during open enrollment.

Benefits Synopsis


Bus Drivers


Food Service







Unrep, Exempt, and Confidential

General Information

Mandatory Notification of New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage 

Puyallup School District Enrollment Guide 2018 19

Puyallup School District Enrollment / Change Form 2018-19

Dependent Verification Requirements

2018-19 Medical Worksheet for Married Couples

List of IRS Approved Qualifying Events

PSD Plans Search for In-Network Providers

PSD Mobile APP for Benefits

Admin & Principal Mobile APP

Bus Drivers Mobile APP

Custodian and Maintenance Mobile APP

Food Service Mobile APP

Mechanics Mobile APP



Security Mobile APP

Teachers Mobile APP

Unrep, Confidintial, & Exempt Mobile APP


Kaiser Provider Information

Access PPO Providers

Core Providers

Kaiser Plan Information


Kaiser Access PPO 2018 Enrollment

Kaiser Access PPO Member Guide

Kaiser PPO Benefits Summary

Kaiser PPO Benefits Summary Access PPO 350

Kaiser PPO Benefits Summary Access PPO 750

Kaiser PPO Benefits Summary Access PPO 2500

Kaiser PPO Benefits Summary Access PPO QHDHP with HSA option

Kaiser PPO Benefits Summary Question Access PPO 350

Kaiser PPO Benefits Summary Question Access PPO 750

Kaiser PPO Benefits Summary Question Access PPO 2500

Kaiser PPO Benefits Summary Question Access PPO QHDHP

Kaiser HMO

Kaiser HMO 2018 Enrollment

Kaiser HMO Member Guide

Kaiser HMO Benefits Summary

Kaiser HMO Benefits Summary Questions

Additional Kaiser Information

Kaiser CareClinic

Kaiser Quick Care Online

Kaiser Transition of Care Guidelines

Kaiser Get Started

Kaiser Getting Care Onboarding

HealthEquity - HSA

HealthEquity HSA Payroll Deduction Form 2018

HealthEquity HSA Plan Comparison Tool

HealthEquity Mobile Tool

HSA Frequently Asked Questions 2018

HSA Contributions - Marital Status Considerations 2018

Winning with an HSA

HSA Investment Flyer

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) - Navia Benefits

Direct Deposit and Debit Card Request Form

Flexible Spending Account Enrollment Kit 

Claim Form

Calculation Worksheets

Administrators and Principals

Bus Drivers


Food Service







Unrepresented Confidential Exempt


The 2018-19 dental plan information for Delta Dental is unavailable at this time.  Below is the plan information through October 2018.  Please refer to the 2018-19 Puyallup School District Enrollment Guide above for a brief description of 2018-19 information.

Delta Dental and Willamette Dental - https://leplb0440.portal.hewitt.com/web/wea/login?forkPage=false or call WEA Select Benefit Center at 855-668-5039

Delta Dental Plan Information for 2017-18

Plan A - No Ortho

Plan A - Ortho A

Plan A - Ortho C

Willamette Dental Plan Information for 2018 - 19

Enrollment Guide

Provider List


Bus Drivers

Custodians/Food Service/PAEOP/Para/Maintenance/Security

Orthodontia Program

Life Insurance

Basic Life Insurance

Basic AD&D Insurance

Admin Life Insurance

Admin AD&D Insurance

Voluntary Life Summary and Rates

Voluntary Life Application

Beneficiary Designation Form

Evidence of Insurability Form

Other Information

Make the Most of Your CIGNA Plan

Cigna Identity Theft Program

Cigna Will Preparation

Long Term Disability

Claim Instructions for Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability Summary

Beneficiary Designation Form

Short Term Disability/Salary Insurance 

Brochure for Teachers, PAEOP, Principals, Administrators, Unrepresented/Exempt, Confidential, Security, Custodian, Maintenance, and Bus Drivers

Brochure for Food Service, Mechanics, PESPA / Paras, PIA, and LPNs

American Fidelity Disability Application



Voluntary Ameritas Vision Plan Summary

Connect With Us - Ameritas Vision Members

Voluntary Ameritas Vision Enrollment Form

Ameritas Vision Reimbursement Claim Form

Ameritas Group Certificate


VSP Reimbursement Claim Form

VSP Vision Benefit Summary

VSP Member Extras

VSP On-line Eyewear Option (NEW)

Long Term Care

For rates, basic plan information and to apply for coverage, please download enrollment kit HERE.

Retiree Benefits - PEBB

Retiree Checklist:  http://www.hca.wa.gov/public-employee-benefits/retirees/preparing-retirement

Retiree Enrollment Guide: https://www.hca.wa.gov/assets/pebb/51-205-2018.pdf

PEBB 800-200-1004

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