Bargaining Information

UPDATE: September 17, 2018

While our bargaining with certificated instructional staff (or teachers) is complete for this year, we are now receiving questions from our community about classified bargaining agreements for 2018-19. The District is currently negotiating with PECAAA/coaches. Other classified groups (Bus Drivers, Custodians, Food Service, Maintenance, Mechanics, PAEOP, PESPA and Security) are not in an open bargain and they have already bargained a percentage increase to be applied to their salary schedules for 2018-19. The District is honoring those bargained increases and has clearly communicated this to each employee group.

The entire State funding method was changed significantly for school districts per ESSB 6362, in the 2018 regular legislative session. Under the new funding method, there was no cost of living adjustment, or “COLA” increase provided by the State for 2018-19. Cost of living adjustments will return in school year 2019-20, but they are now “inflationary adjustments” determined by the implicit price deflator, a metric that measures inflation.  

The Puyallup School District respects the bargaining process and intends to fully honor each collective bargaining agreement with any of the employee groups with whom we negotiate. There is, however, a fundamental disagreement regarding the interpretation of the provisions related to increases in our current collective bargaining agreements with classified staff, as discussed further below.

Further details:

  • *The current discussions between the District and its classified employee groups are not related to the District's recent agreement with its certificated employees. These discussions have been ongoing since May 9, 2018, long before the District began financial discussions in the certificated bargain.


  • *Each classified union with whom we work bargained "COLA + 2%" (or COLA + 2.25% for Security) for the upcoming 2018-19 school year. However, the State did not provide a COLA to be ‘passed through’ by the District to employees for 2018-19. The cost of living increase adjustments (COLA) referenced in our agreements that has been previously provided by the state and subject to the requirements of RCW 28A.400.206 are no longer allocated to the District under the new structure of EHB 2242 (2017) and ESSB 6362 (2018) as they have been in the past. Since there is no “COLA” for the 2018-19 school year, the bargained increase is 2% (or 2.25% for security), as agreed upon.


  • *As a good faith effort back in May, the District offered to increase each group by a total of 3.1% (rather than only the bargained 2% or 2.25% increase), which is the maximum increase allowed for classified employees under ESSB 6362. This number is not a “COLA” funded by the State, as some of our classified groups have asserted. This number was determined by the consumer price index metric for the 2017 calendar year and represents an expenditure restriction imposed by the State. To date, one classified group has accepted the district's additional increase offer.


  • *Most of our classified employee groups have filed a grievance to continue to review this matter, as a misapplication of the collective bargaining agreement. The District is participating in that grievance/arbitration process with each Association/Union group.