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Care & Kindness Awards
To promote the Puyallup Special Services promise to "Provide Quality Support with Care & Kindness" this special award was created to recognize Special Education staff members that show extraordinary Care & Kindness.  
 Jenna Winskie  Congrats to April's PSS Care & Kindness Award Winner Music Teacher Jenna Winskie!  Jenna does an exceptional job of providing accommodations for students with special needs, including physical impairments, learning disabilities & behavioral challenges.  Most importantly her management skills incorporate extraordinary Care & Kindness.  
 Angelina Perez March:

Student, Angelina Perez

On Valentine’s day 2018, Angelina Perez performed incredible acts of care and kindness at Stahl.  Throughout the school year, Angelina has payed attention to Stahl’s special needs students in Mr. Jackson and Tamayo’s classrooms.  On the 14th of February, Angelina organized an effort to make sure each student in the EXCEL program felt special by bringing in a red rose, heart balloon, soft plush toy and a set of beads for each student. In addition, Angelina spent her lunch hour giving each student individualized attention.  Angelina credits having a cousin with special needs as her inspiration for showing love and compassion towards her peers.

Angelina is the first student to be recognized with this honor!


Paraeducator Glen Wilgus

Resource paraeducator Glen Wilgus has been providing extraordinary care and kindness as a tutor to the district’s Home Hospital program.  The Home Hospital program provides academic support to students who cannot access school due to serious illness or injury.  Currently, Glen is providing tutoring to a 2nd grade student undergoing chemotherapy as a treatment for leukemia.  Through Glen’s tutoring, the student has remained academically and emotionally connected to her home school.  In addition to tutoring, Glen provides quality support for our resource students at AJH and serves as an intramural and track and field coach.



Occupational Therapist, Rhonda Roland

School Psychologist, Lydia Zeller

 Lydia Zeller & Rhonda Roland are doing an amazing job of providing Quality Support with Care & Kindness at Maplewood Elementary. Lydia has created and started a Zones of Regulation group as a Tier 1 Social and Emotional intervention. Rhonda has helped set up the “reset” areas utilizing sensory tools and Zone language for the school — reinforcing the concepts Lydia is teaching. The entire staff is using the common language Lydia and Rhonda have established with positive results.