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Intentional damage of district property or the property of others

All students are expected to respect and care for all property of the school including building facilities, technology equipment, desks, smart/white boards, books, bathrooms, lockers, cubbies, etc.  Students who damage or deface property of staff or other students will be subject to progressive discipline including suspension or expulsion.

The student and/or parent/guardian will be required to pay for the damage or loss and shall be liable for damages to the extent permitted by law. When the student and parent/guardian are unable to pay for damages, a program of voluntary work for the student will be provided in lieu of monetary payment.

Student grades, transcripts and diplomas may be withheld until restitution for damages have been made. Students who owe fines may be required to register after the general population (RCW 28A.635.060).



Students of any age may not smoke, consume, use, possess or distribute any tobacco, nicotine or look-alike products, any “nicotine delivery devices”, e-cigarettes or vapor cigarettes at any time while on or around district property, district transportation or at any school- sponsored activities. Before or after school, students are not to use tobacco, nicotine or vapor products on or adjacent to the school grounds and/or within visual distance of any school grounds.

Students will be subject to progressive discipline. Vapes will be confiscated by school officials. A citation by law enforcement may be issued.

A suspension for a tobacco, nicotine, violation may be issued for multiple offenses. Referral to a district sponsored intervention program may be issued at any time.  The district may choose to assign the student to a district sponsored intervention program as an alternative to suspension.  The elimination of the suspension is contingent upon the student completing all components of the class. Full cooperation with the program is mandatory.


Obscene acts or expressions, sexually inappropriate behavior, whether verbal or non-verbal, (see also Harassment, Intimidation, or Bullying)

All language, communication and conduct in a school setting or on buses should support or enhance a positive learning environment for all students.