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ACTIVITY CARDS — Secondary only

The following information applies to Puyallup School district activity cards.

1.  Students are required to purchase an activity card to participate in extra-curricular (non-credit earning) activities. A student desiring to be in an extra-curricular activity and who does not want to purchase an activity card may be charged a "user’s fee" for each activity in which he/she is involved. Students who want to be in extra-curricular activities, but are financially unable to pay for an activity card, may be provided with alternative means to compensate for the price of the card.

2.  Students in curricular (credit earning) activities are strongly encouraged to purchase an activity card.

3.  All secondary students involved in representing our schools in sports or activities must purchase an Associated Student Body (ASB) card and pay the established user fee. (Other fees may also apply to all athletes.) See the building athletic director/bookkeeper for the established fee schedule.



Students are expected to adhere to the policies and conditions of the Athletic Code as well as the rules established by the coach.



A plan has been developed which will ensure the maximum efficiency and safety for evacuating the building during drills or any real emergency. Instructions are posted in each classroom for the students to follow during an emergency. Teachers will discuss these procedures with their students. Regular drills are held at school to practice proper procedures in case of an emergency.

Emergency drills are to be taken seriously.  Students are expected to maintain classroom conduct throughout the entire drill and to become informed of the exit route for each of their classrooms.  In the event of an actual emergency or drill, students must comply with all administrative and staff directives.



As part of the educational program of the district, students are occasionally taken on field trips. Signed permission slips for each individual trip will be required.



A school nurse is assigned to each school building.  Health service time may be shared between buildings.

If a student is not feeling well or is injured, the office or a teacher should be notified at the earliest opportunity. When a student is ill, he/she is not to leave until permission has been given by the Main Office Attendance or Nursing Office.

In the event a student is injured or too ill to remain at school, the principal/designee, nurse, or secretary will first attempt to contact parents. If unavailable, others listed as emergency contacts will be called. Should no one be available, the child will remain at school. However, if the child needs immediate care the principal/designee will act in his/her best judgment.

Students should report any accident, injury or physical confrontation to a staff member immediately.



If planning to declare home-based instruction for a child, contact executive assistant, Shelly Teele at (253) 841- 8771 for information or download a Declaration of Intent form from the district website under Instructional Leadership, Home Based Instruction, Filing a Declaration of Intent to Homeschool to complete and return to the Puyallup School District.



In the event a student encounters serious health problem and must be absent for 20 days or more with a doctor’s note, the situation may warrant arrangements for home/hospital instruction. The school nurse should be contacted to determine the requirements that must be met in order to receive this service.



Homework is a necessary part of learning and provides the opportunity to reinforce classroom instruction. Homework fosters development of independence, self-discipline and responsibility.

The intent of homework is to provide an appropriate practice for students of all abilities, recognizing individual and group needs. This guideline is to emphasize the importance of homework, not to insist on a preset amount of time per grade level or class.

Homework presents opportunities for the following:

Practice those skills or concepts already taught;

1.  Completion of assigned work not finished in class;

2.  Extension or transfer of a skill or concept to a new situation;

3.  Preparation for material to be presented or taught subsequently; and

4.  Creativity requiring integration of many skills and concepts.

Teachers are responsible for the following:

1.  Communicating homework expectations;

2.  Assigning homework at the correct level of difficulty;

3.  Monitoring, correcting, acknowledging and returning student homework in a timely and instructionally sound manner; and

4.  Conferring with parent/guardian regarding homework concerns.


Students are responsible for the following:

1.  Understanding what homework has been assigned before leaving school;

2.  Taking home all necessary materials to complete the assignment(s);

3.  Completing and returning homework on time; and

4.  Conferring with teachers regarding homework concerns.


Parents/guardians are responsible for the following:

1.  Providing encouragement, support, and showing interest in the student's work;

2.  Assisting students to develop good study habits by providing a comfortable, well-lit area away from distractions;

3.  Encouraging students to set a regular time for study; and

4.  Evaluating student activities to be sure the student has sufficient study time.