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Digital Photography
PHS Digital Photography 1 & 2

Teachers: Ms. Black  or Mr. Anderle
School Phone: 253-841-8711

Credit: 1 credit yearlong course

Graduation Credit: Occupational Education Elective or Fine Arts

Prerequisites: Photo 1-None; Photo 2-Sucessful completion of Photo 1

Digital Photography 1 is a class where students use digital cameras and computer software to produce visual images. Students study how to plan and produce photographic compositions that demonstrate an understanding of light, design, color and visual impact.

Digital Photography 2 is designed to offer students an advanced-level in contemporary digital photography and provide them the opportunity to produce photos/projects they could use to build a portfolio. Students will work independently and as a team member on specific photography projects to support school activities and or work-related requests. 

The course goal of Photography is to present an overview of the history of photography, camera handling, principles of lighting and composition, correct care and handling of the digital camera, photo journalism, and presentation.

Enduring Understandings/Essential Questions
 • How can I synthesize and present information using technology in a meaningful way?
 • What is the benefit of digital imaging and image manipulation to society?
 • How can I use digital imaging techniques to further my career in a technological workplace?
 • Provide students with the skills to transition into more advanced study and/or work in the photographic industry.

Instructional Materials
Photography Lab and Computers
Digital Camera Equipment
SP2 Training and Careers (See Terms of Use in Schoology)
Digital Photos

Digital Photos