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Superintendent's Office
Dr. Polm

Welcome to Puyallup Schools! 

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive educational program to families in the Puyallup School District. The program includes robust in-person instruction in our traditional school environments and an online learning program for students who are seeking an alternative educational experience. Our attention remains focused on health and safety, social emotional wellness, and academic acceleration based on student needs. 

We remain steadfast in providing quality programs as we navigate the pandemic and reimagine excellence in our schools. We have learned a lot about new ways to provide learning opportunities grounded in communication and personalization.  We have also experienced changes in overall operations like food service and transportation. Through it all, we know that challenges can be overcome through strong relationships, collaboration, and support for one another.  

The majority of our families prefer in-person learning, but we also know that some families still seek virtual learning options.  A variety of learning tracks offered through Puyallup Digital Learning (PDL) provides choice for students and families. 

As superintendent, one of my goals is to build on our successes and traditions and partner with the community for improved student learning, quality experiences, and excellent outcomes. The Data Dashboard on the district website visually outlines the progress we are making toward some of our academic strategic goals.  

As we move through the 2021-22 school year, district leadership is committed to thoughtful, transparent, and authentic engagement.  We will make decisions that keep stakeholders informed, ensure student safety, and support student success. 

Our mission, in partnership with our diverse communities, is to educate and inspire students to reach their full potential. 

This mission is centered on creating learning opportunities for students that are rigorous, engaging, relevant and connected to our community.  These opportunities will, in turn, set the stage and prepare students for college, career and life.  

In service, 

Dr. John Polm 
Puyallup School District



Dr. John Polm

Beth Kerrick
Executive Assistant

Dr. Vincent Pecchia
Assistant Superintendent for Equity and Instructional Leadership

Laura Marcoe
Assistant Superintendent for Business and Support Services

Amie Brandmire
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Employee Relations

Mario Casello
Assistant Superintendent for Operations

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