Culminating Project


In alignment with the Puyallup School District's philosophy and Washington State's graduation requirements, the Culminating Project challenges students to apply their classroom education in demonstrating their readiness for life after high school through the completion of a three-part authentic, rigorous, and active experience.
  • The community experience will include a 20-hour active, community-based learning or service experience.
  • The portfolio will prepare students for successful transition to post-high opportunities and is a collection of evidence of work, knowledge, skills, and experiences accrued in grades 9-12.
  • The presentation will address five questions focused on the portfolio, community experience, paper, and post-high school plans.

Culminating Project Senior Boards
The dates for the Culminating Project Senior Boards will be announced when they are available.

  • Emerald Ridge High School - 
  • Puyallup High School - 
  • Rogers High School -
  • Walker High School - 

For More Information

Contact the Culminating Project coordinator at your high school:


Culminating Project Support Documents
The documents listed below will help you complete your culminating project. Click the item you want, and the document will open on screen so you can read or print it out.

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