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Athletic Clearance Process

In order to participate in junior high and high school athletics, students are required to complete the athletic clearance process. 

Puyallup School District uses an online system to complete the forms required to participate in both junior high and high school sports. The online system is currently being used for 7-8 junior high and 9-12 high school athletes.

The primary function of the RankOneSport web based service is to help organize, save time, improve communications, and provide documentation. It allows parents to complete eligibility paperwork and electronically sign permission forms, student handbook commitments, complete eligibility forms, etc. Such provisions expedite the athletic clearance process and serves as an electronic repository for athletic paperwork.

Electronic online forms are digitally signed by the parent and student, will be recorded as complete in the system database, and checked by the school athletic director when clearing athletes. There will be no need to bring these clearance forms to the school. There is no log-in or account to remember. Parents will need to know the Student ID to complete the forms.

Clearance forms must be completed ONCE per school year starting in August each year, unless information needs to be updated during the year. The digitally signed forms are good for the current school year (August to July) and the end-of-year summer activities. 
Ninth grade students should select the high school they are participating at, not their resident junior high school.

The forms are available at:

Students participating in high school or junior high sports must compete ALL requirements below and attend one of the athletic clearance sessions scheduled before each sports season at their school. 

Junior High and High School Sports Requirements

In order to participate in junior high or high school sports, the following requirements must be met:

1. Complete the two digital forms found at

  1. Athletic Eligibility Form
  2. Parent Permission and Consent Form - including:
    1. Cautions, Considerations and Responsibilities of participation
    2. Medical Insurance
      Athletic Code
    3. PSD Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Sheet
    4. Steroid Awareness Information Sheet


2. Submit a current physical examination form to the school athletic director. Most physicals are good for two years. The physical must be valid for the entire sport season. Some medical providers may have their own form. 

3. Submit a current baseline concussion testing form through Olympic Sport and Spine or your family physician if participating in basketball, football, soccer, volleyball (new 20-21) or wrestling. Information and screening dates TBD 

4. If a student has a life-threatening health condition or needs access to emergency medications, then an Emergency Action Plan, signed by a physician, must also be submitted. The school nurse works with the athletic directors on EAP's. 

5. Pay the Athletic Fee (JH $40/HS $75 per season) and purchase a school ASB Card ($30/$40). These fees can be paid in person with the school bookkeeper prior to athletic clearance, or online
 (a convenience fee is charged). In either payment situation, bring your receipts with you to the athletic director during clearance.

6. Meet the minimum academic requirements during the previous semester. Student must have passed a minimum 5 of their 6 classes and have a GPA of 2.0 or higher. Students not meeting these requirements will start the season on academic probation.

Junior High Athletic Director contact information:

AYLEN JH: Giustino, Mike; [email protected]  253-841-8723 
BALLOU JH: Ferguson, Lisa; [email protected] 253-841-8725 
EDGEMONT JH: Dyer, Matt; [email protected] 253-841-8727 
FERRUCCI JH: Hovde, Doug; [email protected] 253-841-8756
GLACIER JH: Bellerive, Andi; [email protected]  253-840-8922 
KALLES JH: Heagle, Linda: [email protected] 253-841-8729 
STAHL JH: Diseth, John; [email protected] 253- 841-8881

High School Athletic Director contact information:

EMERALD RIDGE HS: Kase, Jesse; [email protected] 253-435-6300 
PUYALLUP HS: Susee, Kelly; [email protected]  253-841-8711 
ROGERS HS: Collins, Peter; [email protected] 253-841-8717