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Athletics are an excellent means of bringing together home, school, and community, while contributing to the personal growth, and education of students. The interscholastic athletic program should provide the opportunity to compete in athletic contests with other schools; contribute in a positive way toward the total development of participants; aid the student in acquiring new friendships; further community spirit; and develop good sportsmanship.

The overall purpose of the Puyallup School District is academic growth and success. Athletics do not supplant this purpose. It is the Athletics Department’s expectation that students will make appropriate progress toward academic expectations, requirement, and graduation.


The Puyallup School District believes that interscholastic athletics must provide the opportunity for students to develop physically, socially, and emotionally throughout their secondary school career. Athletics and participation in athletics is one of the primary reasons that students feel a kinship with their schools and is a contributing factor in both student classroom success and the desire to stay in school.

Jim Meyerhoff
Director of Instructional Leadership

-Athletics, Health & Fitness

Rita Marth
Office Manager

Physical Address:
601 Seventh Avenue SW
Puyallup, WA 98371

Mailing Address
Athletics Department/Sparks Stadium
Puyallup School District
P.O. Box 370
Puyallup, WA 98371


253-841-8611 (fax)

High Schools:

Junior High Athletic Director contact information:

AYLEN JH: Giustino, Mike; [email protected] 253-841-8723 
BALLOU JH: Ferguson, Lisa; [email protected] 253-841-8725 
EDGEMONT JH: Dyer, Matt; [email protected] 253-841-8727 
FERRUCCI JH: Hovde, Doug; [email protected] 253-841-8756
GLACIER JH: Bellerive, Andi; [email protected]  253-840-8922 
KALLES JH: Heagle, Linda: [email protected] 253-841-8729 
STAHL JH: Diseth, John; [email protected] 253- 841-8881

High School Athletic Director contact information:

EMERALD RIDGE HS: Kase, Jesse; [email protected] 253-435-6300 
PUYALLUP HS: Susee, Kelly; [email protected]  253-841-8711 
ROGERS HS: Collins, Peter;[email protected] 253-841-8717