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We remain committed to keeping our community informed of positive COVID cases impacting schools and district facilities, while protecting the privacy of individuals. Schools are still required to communicate positive COVID cases for the 2022-23 school year, however the way in which staff and families will be notified will change.

The COVID Dashboard located on the district website is updated on a weekly basis with positive COVID case counts and locations. Staff and families are encouraged to bookmark this webpage and check for weekly updates to be informed of positive cases in schools.

Families with students who test positive for COVID-19 are required to notify the school nurse; employees are to contact their immediate supervisor and email [email protected].

If accessing this page from a mobile device, please view in landscape mode so all information in the table is visible.

**Data will be published every Wednesday for the previous week.**

COVID-19 Counts Positive Cases Location(s)
 Sept. 21  61 Dessie Evans (2), Firgrove (2), Fruitland (5), Hunt (1), Karshner Elem. (2), Maplewood (2), Meeker (2), Mt. View (2), Northwood (1), Shaw Road (1), Spinning (1), Waller Road (1), Woodland (1), Zeiger (4), Aylen (4), Ballou (2), Edgemont (1), Ferrucci (3), Kalles (2), Stahl (3), Emerald Ridge (5), Puyallup (7), Rogers (5), Transportation (1), Karshner Center (1)
Sept. 14
 12 Dessie Evans (2), Karshner Elem. (1), Northwood (1), Spinning (2), Zeiger (1), PHS (3), ESC/109 (1), Karshner Center (1)
Sept. 7  3  Ballou (1), Glacier View (1), Hunt (1)