PSD Highly Capable Programs
  • While the deadline for QUEST appeals was March 23, 2020, we understand that during this unprecedented time some families need additional time to prepare an appeal.  We are extending the appeal deadline to Wednesday, April 1, 2020.  Please direct questions to Nancy Velazquez, Program Coordinator, at .
  • QUEST Appeal Deadline is April 1, 2020  

2nd grade testing for Young Scholars

Second grade students whose score on the CogAT Screener did not fall in the top 12% may appeal by submitting a completed appeal form. Send the appeal form to by April 1, 2020. Reasons for the appeal and additional evidence must be included. (See Highly Capable Program Contacts/Overview for the Appeal form)

Students appealing with evidence of high academic performance (STAR Reading and STAR Math scores of 80 percentile or above) will be invited to take the full CogAT.  The Multidisciplinary Selection Committee will review the results of the full CogAT and district assessments (STAR and Math Computational Screener) to determine placement in QUEST for the 2020-2021 school year.

YOUNG SCHOLARS Application Deadline is April 17, 2020 (subject to change)
YOUNG SCHOLARS Testing Window - April 27 - May 6, 2020 (subject to change)
YOUNG SCHOLARS Appeal Deadline is June 1, 2020 (subject to change)

    *(If you live within the PSD attendance area, you must apply before the school year deadlines for the appropriate program for possible placement in the following year's program.)

  • The Puyallup School District is committed to providing access to highly capable students from all backgrounds to accelerated learning and enhanced instruction. The construction of new elementary classrooms in the Puyallup School District, including the new Dessie F. Evans Elementary School, and the examination of district boundaries by the community boundary committee present a unique opportunity to expand access to the Highly Capable Program
    Click here for a printable version of the new Highly Capable Growth Plan.


Grades K-2: 
Young Scholars (K-2) Program will continue to serve students in each elementary school.

Grades 3-6:
2019-2020: While maintaining eight host schools, the plan includes relocating some QUEST host schools to accommodate the need for additional classrooms.  The plan will change the current QUEST configuration of a 5th/6th multi-age classroom to a 5th grade classroom and a 6th grade classroom at each QUEST site if needed.  If numbers indicate the need, some sites may also have a separate 3rd grade and 4th grade QUEST classroom.

QUEST host schools  Feeder schools
Brouillet Carson
Pope Edgerton, Hunt
Woodland Zeiger
Dessie F. Evans  Firgrove
Sunrise Ridgecrest, Wildwood
Shaw Road None
Karshner Mt. View, Northwood, Stewart
Spinning Fruitland, Maplewood, Meeker, Waller Rd


Providing access to rigorous curriculum and ensuring post-secondary opportunities for each of our students is the primary mission of our district.  We are committed to expanding access to more of our students to the learning that will be required in college. Honors, Pre-AP and AP courses are self-elected courses that are under the Highly Capable umbrella of additional classroom rigor.  All of these courses are currently available at all junior high schools.

Grades 7-8

As the Highly Capable program continues to create equity within our district, we are growing our Junior High PAGE Program. Students in grades 7 and 8 from across our district will continue to qualify for PAGE.  PAGE curriculum will prepare students for the rigor expected for college preparatory coursework. 

2019-2020:  The PAGE Program will be available for 7th graders at three regional sites - Ferrucci , Stahl, and Kalles.  (PAGE for 8th graders in the district will continue at Kalles.)

2020-2021: The PAGE Program will be available for 7th and 8th graders at the three regional sites - Ferrucci, Stahl, and Kalles. 

Grade 9
9th graders have access at each of the regional junior high schools to rigorous Pre-AP and AP courses, many of which were previously only available to 10-12 grade students.  The work to bring rigorous coursework to the 9th grade level has already begun (AP Human Geography). 

Grades 10-12
Our high schools are continuing their work to expand and coordinate the rigor of their offerings, including the AP Capstone Program, an increase in AP course offerings and CWU Cornerstone classes.