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Highly Capable Programs

Upcoming 2022-23 Calendar Dates

June 1: Appeal Deadline (Grades K-1)

      • June 5: Appeal Committee Meeting

New to the District Students 2023-24

Applications for highly capable testing will be taken for new to the district students throughout the summer for testing in August prior to the 2023-24 school year.  Please provide copies of current state, Math and Reading assessments, CogAT, and highly capable program placement letters from former schools to [email protected] for your applicant.

Important 2023-24 Information

Qualified/identified students who have been selected for Highly Capable services in 2023-24 are being placed at their regional host school or at one of the host schools with available space.  Please find school supply lists at your host school website. The QuEST and PAGE bus schedules will be posted on the transportation website in mid to late August.  At this time, afternoon bus runs will return students to their feeder schools.  Plan to attend your host school's Back to School event.  Schools will send information to students.

Additional Information

District Policy 3131 - District Attendance Area Transfers

Children of Certificated and Classified Employees

The district will grant transfer requests for students who are the children of full-time certificated and classified school employees residing within the district as required under RCW 28A.225.270(2).


This section applies to resident children of district employees and non-resident children of district employees admitted in accordance with Policy 3141.


A.  Definitions:

1.  Employee:  To be considered a district employee, all of the following

     conditions must apply:

  1. The employee’s position must have a based pay (FTE) assignment, and
  2. The parent or legal guardian must be currently employed with the district at the time of the student’s initial enrollment at the school that is being requested.
  1. Seasonal, temporary, consultant, coaching or substitute jobs are not considered to be district employee positions.

B.  Types of schools and programs:

1.  District schools, excluding optional instructional programs:

  1. A full-time certificated or full-time classified district employee may enroll his/her child(ren) at the school building to which the employee is currently assigned or a school forming the district’s K-12 continuum that includes the school building to which the employee is currently assigned.
  2. Certificated and classified employees who do not work full-time and/or who are not assigned to a school building may request that their children be enrolled in a Puyallup school of their choice. The district will attempt to honor such requests, subject to space and program availability.

Parents will be informed annually of the district’s attendance area transfer policy. 

District Policy 3141R -Nonresident students

Children of Full-Time Employees

  1. Definitions:
  1. Employee:  To be considered a district employee, all of the following conditions must apply;
  1. The employee’s position must have a base pay (FTE) assignment; and
  2. The parent or legal guardian must be currently employed with the district at the time of the student’s initial enrollment at the school that is being requested.
  1. Seasonal, temporary, consultant, coaching or substitute jobs are not considered to be district employee positions.

The district will accept applications for nonresident students who are the children of full-time certificated and classified district employees pursuant to RCW 28A.225.225, and those children will be permitted to enroll:

  1. At the school to which the employee is assigned;
  2. At a school forming the district’s K-12 continuum which includes the school to which the employee is assigned;
  3. At a school in the district that provides early intervention services pursuant to RCW 28A.155.065 and/or preschool services pursuant to RCW 28A.155.070, if the student is eligible for such services; or
  4. For certificated and classified employees whose primary work location is not a school, at the school located within the attendance area for the primary work location or a school forming the district’s K-12 continuum for the attendance area of the employee’s primary work location. For purposes of this policy and the term “primary work location” is the site the employee is ordinarily assigned to report for work duty.

Applications from nonresident students who are children of full-time certificated or classified school employees may be rejected if:

  1. The student’s disciplinary records indicate a history of convictions for offenses or crimes, violent or disruptive behavior, or gang membership; provided that for purposes of this section a “gang” is defined as a group that consists of three or more persons, has identifiable leadership, and on an on-going basis, regularly conspires and acts in concert mainly for criminal purposes as set forth in RCW 28A.225.225(c);

  2. The student has been expelled or suspended from a public school for more than ten consecutive days; provided that the district’s regulations allowing for readmission of expelled or suspended students apply uniformly to both resident and nonresident applicant; or

  3. Enrollment would displace a child who is a resident of the district, except that if a child is admitted as a child of a district employee under RCW 28A.225.225(1), that child will be permitted to remain enrolled at that school, or in that district’s kindergarten through twelfth grade continuum, until he or she has completed his or her schooling or the student has repeatedly failed to comply with requirements for participation in an online school program, such as participating in weekly direct contact with the teacher or monthly progress evaluations.

Denial or acceptance for the new school year will be communicated in writing no later than June 30 for elementary and February 28 of the current school year for secondary.

The letter of acceptance will communicate the conditions required for continuing attendance as a non-resident student for the duration of the school year in which the student is accepted.


A student’s continuing attendance at a Puyallup School District School may be discontinued during the school year in which the student was accepted if the conditions and restrictions under which the student was accepted change. Those conditions and/or restrictions include:

In the judgment of the building administrator:

  1. Parents do not assume responsibility for adequate and timely transportation and supervision of the student to and from school.
  2. The programs or services that would improve the student’s condition as stated in the requested release from the resident district are no longer available; or are no longer proving to be of benefit to the student. Evidence of the latter may include irregular attendance, unsatisfactory academic performance or lack of effort.
  3. The student’s attendance does present a risk to the health and safety of other students and staff.
  4. The continuing attendance of the student would now result in a programmatic or financial hardship for the district.
  5. The student’s disciplinary record shows a pattern of behavior that is disruptive to the educational environment of the school. Students and parents/guardians have certain due process and other rights to have student discipline and other corrective action reviewed. Constitutionally and legally sound procedures of due process are outlined below and specified in Chapter 392-400 WAC will be followed in the administration of discipline and in transfer review.
  6. A student fails to establish or maintain the residence stated on any application to register or to seek a transfer to/within the district, or, if the application to register or to seek a transfer to/within the district contains any material misstatement of facts.

Exception: A student’s enrollment may be approved for a Puyallup school other than that serving their residence at any time before or during a school year under the following conditions:

  • Students wishing to remain until graduation in the high school where they have completed at least the first semester of the 11 grade.
  • Assignment by District Determination.

The Puyallup School District reserves the right to and may assign students to attend particular schools or programs for certain specific reasons. These reasons include, but are not limited to, (1) to impose discipline; (2) to establish a plan for re-entry as a result of a suspension or expulsion; (3) to meet academic needs; (4) to provide appropriate programming for special needs students; (5) to protect the health or safety of either the assigned student or other students or staff; (6) to avoid or lessen program disruption; and/or (7) to otherwise meet district or student needs. It is recognized that these exceptional assignments for certain students are only to be made for good reason. Any student or parent/guardian who disagrees with a district assignment to other than the student’s resident attendance area school may appeal the assignment to the superintendent or his/her designee.

The Puyallup School District is committed to providing access to highly capable students from all backgrounds to accelerated learning and enhanced instruction.


Grades K-2: 
Young Scholars (K-2) Program will continue to serve students in each elementary school.

Grades 3-6:
2023-24: With seven host schools, the plan includes QUEST configuration with 3rd/4th, 4th/5th, and 5th/6th grade combination classrooms.  If numbers indicate the need, some sites may have separate 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade and 6th grade QUEST classrooms.

QUEST host schools  Feeder schools
Brouillet Carson, Dessie F. Evans, Firgrove
Pope Edgerton, Hunt
Woodland Zeiger
Sunrise Ridgecrest, Wildwood
Shaw Road Karshner, Stewart
Spinning Fruitland, Maplewood, Meeker, Waller Rd
Northwood Mt. View



Providing access to rigorous curriculum and ensuring post-secondary opportunities for each of our students is the primary mission of our district.  We are committed to expanding access to more of our students to the learning that will be required in college. Pre-AP and AP courses are self-elected courses that are under the Highly Capable umbrella of additional classroom rigor. Pre-AP and AP courses are available in grades 9-12 at all secondary schools.

Grades 7-8

As the Highly Capable program continues to create equity within our district, we are growing our Junior High PAGE Program. Students in grades 7 and 8 from across our district will continue to qualify for PAGE.  PAGE curriculum will prepare students for the rigor expected for college preparatory coursework. The PAGE Program will be available for 7th and 8th graders at the three regional sites - Ferrucci, Kalles, and Stahl. 

Grade 9
9th graders have access at each of the regional junior high schools to rigorous Pre-AP and AP courses, many of which were previously only available to 10-12 grade students.  AP Human Geography is available at all junior high schools, bringing rigorous coursework to the 9th grade level. 

Grades 10-12
Our high schools are continuing their work to expand and coordinate the rigor of their offerings, including the AP Capstone Program, an increase in AP course offerings and CWU Cornerstone classes.