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PAGE Program: Grades 7 - 8

PAGE Flyer Fall 2021PAGE Program en Espanol
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PAGE is the Puyallup School District’s cohort acceleration program housed at Ferrucci Junior High, Kalles Junior High and Stahl Junior High.  PAGE is a choice program open only to students identified for the highly capable program by the multidisciplinary selection committee.  This choice program for highly capable students and their families features a higher level of rigor, depth, breadth and acceleration within a cohort setting. English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science all feature curriculum compacting, curriculum acceleration, interdisciplinary curriculum and an emphasis on higher level thinking skills. In addition to the PAGE programming, students will have the opportunity to enroll in fitness and the arts within the PAGE schools' programs. 

Each junior high school, including the PAGE program offers accelerated students the opportunity to take advanced mathematics classes, world languages and other appropriate coursework at the high school.  Limited transportation for students will be provided, contingent upon school bell schedules.  The number and type of courses open to accelerated students will be dependent upon the transportation schedule and the high school master schedule.

During the registration period each year, all secondary highly capable students will receive specialized counseling services related to acceleration and pathway options.


Q:  How do I know when to apply to have my student tested?
A:  Be informed of the testing calendar.

Q:  My student receives very high scores in math but not in English, can s/he still participate in PAGE?
A:  Yes, if placement is recommended for PAGE, the student can take part in specific areas.

Q:  I would like to still have rigorous courses for my 9th grader, but I would like him/her to be within walking distance from home.  Are there rigorous 9th grade courses available at our local junior high? 
A:  All junior high schools offer AP Human Geography.  Some advanced courses are available at the high school for 9th graders (buses transport students to the high school for approved courses).

Q:  Can my 9th grade student at a non-PAGE school apply for AP Capstone for the following year?
A:  Yes, please see each high school webpage for application process and deadlines.

Q:  I am new to the district, but I missed the PAGE application deadline, can my student still be tested?
A:   Students not enrolled in the district during the previous identification cycle should complete an application as early as possible after enrollment. Testing and placement decisions will be completed within 90 days.