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   Human Resources Department Telephone  253-841-8666
Bills, Chantel HR Specialist, Region 3 253-435-6540
Brandmire, Amie Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources and Employee Relations 253-841-8666
Cook, Shanna Executive Assistant  253-840-8850
Raymond, Amy Substitute Coordinator, Region 1 253-841-8788
Fleury, Tyler Substitute Coordinator, Region 3 253-841-8607
Kiyabu, Tracy Human Resources Compliance Analyst 253-840-8937
Knudson, Rhonda Staffing and School Support Coordinator 253-841-8783
Limmer, Tina Director of Human Resources, Systems and School Support 253-841-8666
Dehnert, Marcy Human Resources Coordinator 253-841-8605
Mensonides, Kevin  Director of Human Resources, Staffing and School Support  253-841-8666 
Noble, Johna Substitute Coordinator, Region 2 253-840-8824
Petitt, Teresa Human Resources Specialist, Region 1 253-435-6657
Ryals, Mindy Human Resources Specialist, Region 2 253-841-8678
Salyer, Sara Human Resources Support Analyst 253-435-8676
Schmitten, Barb Human Resources Generalist, Region 1 253-841-8602
McBride, Krista Human Resources Leave and Accommodations Analyst 253-435-2833
Turner, Leisha Human Resources Generalist, Region 3 253-841-8609
Open Human Resources Information Analyst 253-840-8898