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Employee - Work Injury and Compensation FAQs
Q. If I want to reserve my paid leave accrual while off work, do I have this option? 
A. Yes, the only time an employee has an option in reserving sick leave during an illness or recovery, is during a work injury recovery. All employees who wish to reserve leave accrual, should complete a time loss election form and choose option #1. This will stop the your sick leave and revert to unpaid time while you continue your recovery.   

Q. Do I have the option to use part of my leave accrual and receive time loss payments? 
A.  Yes, if your claim is approved and you receive time loss payments from Puget Sound Workers' Trust, you may choose to participate in our sick leave buy back process. The District will receive a copy of your time loss payments and calculate a value that will determine the amount of sick leave you may buy back. We will then deduct this amount from  your next available paycheck and reimburse your sick leave balance. All employees who wish to use this option, should complete a time loss election form and choose option #2. Note: If you are a PEA or PESPA member and have been approved to receive leave share donations this option is not valid and does not apply. Please complete the PEA/PESPA time loss election form for your available options. 

Q. Do I have the option to use all of my leave accrual while receiving time loss payments?  
A. Yes, employees may elect to use all leave accrual such as sick leave, personal leave and/or vacation while off work. In addition to your paycheck from the District you may also receive time loss payments from Puget Sound Workers' Trust. The District will apply all available leave to missed days from work, until all leave accrual is exhausted. All employees who wish to use their leave accrual AND receive time loss payments should complete the time loss election form and choose option #3.

Q. Am I eligible for Shared Leave while off work due to a work-related injury?
A: If you are a PEA or PESPA member, there is a provision in your collective bargaining agreement that provides you the ability to participate in the Shared Leave Program while you are off work due to a work-related injury. You must exhaust all available leave accrual before receiving leave share donations. Donated leave will be applied using a calculation to determine the difference between Time Loss Benefits and your usual full compensation from the District. If you are not a PEA or PESPA member the Shared Leave option is not available.  

Q. If Puget Sound Workers' Trust requires me to attend an Independent Medical Exam, am I required to use my sick leave?

A. No, If you have been asked to attend an Independent Medical Exam by Puget Sound Workers' Trust, please notify the PSD Work Injury with notification of this appointment. The District will not charge your sick leave for time away for this purpose.

Q. If I am cleared by my doctor to return to work, but I have work restrictions, what should I do?
A. If you have been cleared by your doctor to return to work with restrictions, you should be in immediate contact with PSD Work Injury to set up a meeting and discuss return to work options.

Q.  If I am injured by a student resulting in an accepted work injury claim, am I eligible for additional assistance outside the benefits I may be eligible to receive from the Puget Sound Workers Compensation Trust?
A.  Certain employee groups are covered by a CBA provision that provides for some District reimbursement to employees injured by students for out of pocket expenses related to their work injury.  If you believe you have experienced such a work injury, have an accepted work injury claim with the Puget Sound Workers Compensation Trust and are covered under a CBA with the District reimbursement provision, contact the PSD Work Injury.

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