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Pay Information

In general, you may forecast a pay adjustment by using the following tools:

1) Your work calendar
2) Your current leave balances
3) Leave use elections 

You may use all available leave accrual during a Maternity Leave and/or Parental Leave. The District will automatically use all available paid leave accrual during an approved Maternity/Parental Leave. If you elect to be considered for Leave Share, you may  request to reserve 40 hours of your own sick leave, for future medical appointments and/or parental reason after a return to work. Please note: Your request to reserve 40 hours of sick leave must be received by Human Resources at the time of your request. This option and/or changes to your option may not be available once your leave begins. 

As soon as your Maternity Request Form and Birth Documentation Form is received, we will begin processing your leave. Unfortunately, there won't be much information regarding your pay until we have your key dates confirmed. We encourage you to use the tools listed above to anticipate pay and benefit adjustments. Once baby is born and the leave process has begun, you will be notified in email of pay adjustments before they occur. If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the Human Resources Leave and Accommodations Analyst for assistance.