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Steps for Requesting

1. Please complete and submit a Maternity/Parental Leave Request Form  by the end of your 7th month of pregnancy.

2. If you are using PFML you will need to create an account with the Employment Security Department.

3. Once baby has arrived, please complete the Birth Documentation Form.

4. Apply with the state if you are using the PFML. Please use the following link: WA Paid Family Medical Leave

5. If supplementing submit a screenshot of your deposit from the state each week.

All forms and supporting documentation may be faxed to Human Resources at 253-841-8650 or emailed to [email protected]

At the time of your request you may also begin discussions with your administrator regarding substitute coverage, lesson plans or any other matters of planning prior to your anticipated Leave. If you report your absences through the Substitute Services  Office, you may contact your regional Substitute Office Coordinator directly regarding preferred substitute arrangements.