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PSD Instructional Coaches

Puyallup School District believes in fostering a culture of growth for employees focused on building relationships within a trusting environment.  The instructional coaching model for teachers provides professional development within a common framework.  Knowing that the best schools are those in which teachers continue to improve and feel supported is the cornerstone of our coaching model. 

Our Mission: We believe equitable, asset-based, responsive coaching will result in teachers and students reaching their highest potential.

Our Vision: Inspire. Empower. Impact.

Instructional Coach Model
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Meet our K-12 Instructional Coach Team:
Led by Executive Director of Equity and Professional LearningAmanda Kraft

Advanced Placement  
Matt White
Matt White  

English Language Arts
Jenn Chaves         Gena Vincent
Jenn Chaves              Gena Vincent

Instructional Technology
Jennifer Matthews        Lizzie Herrera
Jennifer Matthews   Lizzie Herrera

Language & Literacy (BeGLAD
Jessica Anderson
Jessica Anderson 

Language & Literacy (BeGLAD
Tabitha Aragon
Tabitha Aragon 

Lizzie Herrera        Priscilla Millam
Alexa Williams           Priscilla Millam

Mentoring and School Support
Candice McGregor         Sophia Monge
Candice McGregor   Sophia Monge

Ann Schumacher         Josh Simondet
Ann Schumacher     Josh Simondet

Social Studies
Jeanna Kooser        Leslie Snyder
Chelsea Chandler          Leslie Snyder 
Title I/LAP Multilingual Support
 Headshot of Cecilia Tamayo
Cecilia Tamayo