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Connecting With Children

Life is busy and finding time to help your child with school assignments can be challenging.  As parents, we often become task-oriented and try to get through our to-do list as efficiently as possible. Connecting with your child before diving into school assignments can help children feel loved, valued, and understood.   

This article by Positive Discipline Parenting Educator, Marcilie Smith Boyle, reviews easy ways to connect with children.

 • Elementary students – Hug or sit close by your child. Studies have proven that Humans were built for physical connection.

 • Secondary students – Ask for one concern, one hope, and one joke BEFORE asking if their homework is done. Show them that you care about how they are doing.

 • Adults- Talk with someone you care about what you are thinking about or how you are feeling. This connection will boost your immune system! 

People need connection! Did you know that being connected to others helps you live longer? Enables you to ward off disease? Reduces the likelihood of feeling depressed? Makes us nicer to be around? We need connections to other people every day, and that is even more true during a time of crisis like we are experiencing now.

With the stay-at-home order and so many requirements to do work and school using digital resources, take some time for person-to-person connections while maintaining a safe social distance from others.

 Try some of these ideas:

Connection ideas