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Student Registration & Enrollment Center

Welcome to the Puyallup School District
Student Registration & Enrollment Center


Registration Process

The registration process consists of four steps, three of which you will complete online. You must have a valid email address to register your new student. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for providing all required documents to complete the registration process. Once you have completed your student's New Student Registration form, you will receive confirmation that the form has been submitted. If more information is needed, someone from your student's school will reach out to you.

Kindergarten Students

The Puyallup School District has Full Day Kindergarten for all students at each of our elementary schools. If your child will be five years old on or before August 31st of the school year in which you are enrolling them, he/she is eligible to start Kindergarten for that school year. View the Washington State Legislature Kindergarten Regulation here:
WAC 392-335-010

Preschool Students

For children who are not yet Kindergarten age and have been receiving special education services on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) such as speech therapy or developmental preschool, please contact the District's Special Services and Programs office at (253) 841-8700. After special education eligibility has been confirmed, you will be given registration and enrollment information.

Home Based Instruction Students

Home Based Instruction information can be found here: Home Based Instruction 

Transfer & Waiver Process

In-District Transfer

Puyallup School District resident students who wish to attend a school other than their resident school must complete and submit/upload the appropriate Intra-District Transfer Application along with their New Student Registration Form:

2023-2024 In-District Transfer Application (Elementary)
2023-2024 In-District Transfer Application (Junior High)
2023-2024 In-District Transfer Application (High School)

2022-2023 In-District Transfer Application (Elementary)
2022-2023 In-District Transfer Application (Junior High)
2022-2023 In-District Transfer Application (High School)

Detailed information about this process can be found here: In-District Transfer Waiver.

Out-of-District Waiver

The Puyallup School District allows for students living outside the district to request a waiver to attend school in this district. If you are new to the district, you may upload the completed form to your New Student Registration Form:

*The Non-Resident Application for enrollment must be submitted and approved annually.

2023-2024 Non-Resident Application (Elementary)
2023-2024 Non-Resident Application (Secondary)

2022-2023 Non-Resident Application (Elementary)
2022-2023 Non-Resident Application (Secondary)

Detailed information about this process can be found here: Out-of-District Waiver.

Have you moved recently?

If so, you are required to provide new proof of residency to your student's school. Learn what is required to update your address here: Verification of Residency