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Non-Resident/Out-of-District Waivers

The Puyallup School District allows for students living outside the district boundaries to request a waiver to attend school in this district. The Non-Resident Application for Enrollment must be submitted annually with an approved Release of Attendance from the resident district (Choice Transfer Request).

Due to overcrowding and high enrollment, not every school in the Puyallup School District is open for non-resident waivers. Enrollment at the following schools is closed for the 2022-23 school year (this list is subject to change).

  • Carson Elementary (Grade 6)
  • Fruitland (Grade 4)
  • Northwood (Grade K, 1 and 5)
  • Pope Elementary (Grades 4 and 5)
  • Shaw Road (Grade 4)
  • Sunrise (Grade 6)
  • Zeiger (Grade 4 and 5)
      • Aylen JH (Grades 8)
        • Ballou JH (Grade 7)
      • Ferrucci Junior High (All Grades)
        • Glacier View JH (Grade 7 and 8)
      • Kalles JH (Grade 7 and 8)
      • Stahl JH (Grade 7 and 8)
    • ERHS (Grade 10)
    • PHS (Grade 10)
    • RHS (Grade 10)

Enrollment applications for one of the above schools will be denied unless your student meets one of the exception criteria listed below. If you wish to enroll your student in one of the above schools, please provide a 1st and 2nd choice of schools that are currently open. The following exceptions may apply:

Siblings of a student currently attending and returning to the same school for the next school year
Children of district employees
Non-resident waiver renewals (students continuing at their current school)


Non-resident applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis and are based on the following criteria:

There is adequate capacity in the school (acceptance of the waiver should not cause a hardship on resident
The student demonstrates conformance with school disciplinary standards.
The parent is willing and able to provide timely transportation.
The school offers a program suitable to meet the educational and other needs of the student.
The request does not cause a financial burden to the Puyallup School District.

If the student on an approved waiver does not meet these criteria, the principal will communicate expectations to the parent and student, and the out-of-district waiver may be revoked.


Secondary Non-Resident Applications for Enrollment will be accepted each year beginning December 10. Applications will be reviewed on January 10, April 10, and June 1. For optimal consideration for the next school year, submit  applications by January 10. Acceptance or denial of applications received by January 10 will be communicated to parents by February 28. Applications submitted after the third due date in June may not be considered until after the fourth day of school in September.

Elementary Non-Resident Applications for Enrollment will be accepted each year beginning February 14. 
Applications will be reviewed on March 1, May 1, and June 15. For optimal consideration for the next school year, submit  applications by March 1. Acceptance or denial of applications received March 1 will be communicated to parents by April 15. Applications submitted after the third due date in June may not be considered until after the fourth day of school in September. 


1. Complete Non-Resident Application. (Must be submitted with required documents below.)

2. Submit a Choice Transfer Request by clicking on the link below:

Choice Transfer Portal

3. First time applicants must submit the following documents with the Non-Resident Application:

• Transcript
 Previous school discipline record (if there are no discipline issues, provide a signed and dated statement from the 
           previous school indicating such)
        • IEP or 504 Plan (if pertains)

 Kindergarten: A copy of the child's birth certificate and immunizations

2022-23 Elementary Non-Resident Application (English) (Spanish)

2022-23 Secondary Non-Resident Application (English) (Spanish)

2023-24 Elementary Non-Resident Application (English)

2023-24 Secondary Non-Resident Application (English)

Submit the application and necessary documents in one email, mail or in person. 
Applications must be complete to be considered received and accepted.

Puyallup School District
Attention:  Waivers
Education Service Center
302 Second St SE
Puyallup, WA 98372



Parents have the right to appeal a denied waiver application. Submit a letter to [email protected] within five business days of receipt of the denial notification. The appeal will be forwarded to the Executive Director of Elementary or Secondary Schools for review. A meeting or phone call shall be held within fifteen school business days after receipt of the request.  A written decision will then be issued.

Puyallup School District
Attention:   Waivers
Education Service Center
302 Second St SE 
Puyallup, WA 98372