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Student Computer Access

Who has computers?

As of fall 2019, students in 7th through 12th grades will have 1:1, take-home computers. They can check out their computer at orientation in late August, or in the library during the first week of school. They will need a completed Puyallup Protection Plan (either accepting or opting out of the plan) in order to check out their device.

Also as of fall 2019, students in 4th through 6th grade will have 1:1, in-class computers. Kindergarten through 3rd grade students will share carts of computers, with a class set available for every 4 classrooms. This model provides students with the appropriate access to technology given their developmental needs along with their ability to manage their use responsibly.

Do students need computers?

In order to prepare students to be successful after high school, we need to give them a chance to develop their technology skills. Students need to be able to create, communicate and collaborate electronically to be college and career ready. 

Why are we changing from textbooks to reading and learning on a computer?

• It is a better use of our community's tax dollars to build digital courses we own, rather than purchase expensive materials from a limited number of publishers.
• The selection of traditional materials which fit our community is limited. Digital materials are cost effective and easily updated to meet the needs of our students in Puyallup.
• 21st Century Skills in technology are critical for graduates moving into the job market, training and college.

Need to Know

The rollout of computers is designed to support student learning while also being financially responsible to our taxpayers.

Educational Technology and Engagement Center (EdTec)
Nick O'Neill,  Director of Teaching and Learning Technologies
[email protected]