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Puyallup Protection Plan (P3) Forms

Elementary Puyallup Protection Plan (P3)
Plan de protección de primaria Puyallup (P3)

Secondary Puyallup Protection Plan (P3)
Plan de protección secundario de Puyallup

PSD Data Sharing Agreement for Service Providers: 2022R-F1

PSD Technology Integration Form for Service Providers: 2022R-F2

Like textbooks, team uniforms and other school property, students are responsible for the appropriate care of the laptop. While a laptop is no different than a textbook, it does represent an increased cost to the district and liability to students and parents. The Puyallup Protection Plan is an optional way for students and parents to avoid a fine if an accident happens. This plan is completely voluntary.

The plan works this way:
• Prior to laptop distribution, parents / guardians make a payment of $50.00 to their school.  Families who qualify for free or reduced lunch have the fee waived.
• In the event a student laptop is accidentally damaged, the normal fine for repair costs (typically between $50.00 and $500) will be waived and the laptop will be repaired at no cost to the family. (The number of repairs per year may be restricted.)
• This is an annual fee and covers the laptop for the current school year only.
• The plan must be purchased at the time a new laptop is issued OR by a returning student by September 30th of the current school year. 

• The fee does not cover the replacement of lost or stolen laptops. Families may wish to check with their homeowners or renters insurance for information or other insurance options.
• The laptop charger, protective cover, pen or other peripherals issued with the laptop are NOT covered by the Puyallup Protection Plan.  If these items are lost or damaged, a fine will be issued for replacement cost. In the event the lost or stolen part is recovered in working condition, the fine will be refunded.
• Damages due to negligence or willful destruction are not covered under the program.
• If a family leaves the district, but does not return the laptop, they will be fined for the full replacement cost, and standard rules for the restriction of records and transcripts would apply.  Law enforcement may be involved for the purpose of recovering district property.