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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The Puyallup School District, in partnership with our diverse communities, educates and inspires students to reach their full potential.


Strategic Directions

Our Vision

Puyallup School District students will be:

Skilled in successfully applying knowledge in all required subjects.
Competent as critical and innovative thinkers able to analyze and solve complex problems.
Engaged as life-long learners pursuing their goals and dreams.
Successful as communicators and collaborators.
Proficient in demonstrating an understanding of and a respect for individual differences.
Prepared to transition to post-high school opportunities and be able to compete locally and globally.
Skilled in making life choices that are healthy and socially responsible.
Motivated to strive for excellence.


Our Beliefs

In partnership with our communities, we:

 Treat each student as a unique learner.
Ensure all students have equal opportunities for learning and are supported in achieving competency in required subject and performance areas.
Regularly assess, evaluate, and communicate to students, families, and the community the results of student performance.
Engage parents/guardians, family members, guardians, and students as active partners in the educational process.
Incorporate concepts of diversity that benefit all and are integral in all district endeavors.
Communicate effectively with parents/guardians, students, staff, and members of the community.
Cultivate and maintain partnerships that support district goals.
Provide students and staff a safe and supportive learning and working environment.
Demonstrate accountability to all stakeholders.