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Superintendent's Messages
Connections:  Spring 2022

Over the past two years, our students, staff, and families have done an incredible job supporting changing health and safety guidance in schools as public health experts learned more about COVID-19. We are grateful for everyone’s coordinated efforts as we near the end of these unprecedented times.

The lift of the statewide indoor mask mandate, beginning on March 12, is one step towards returning to normal health operations in schools. Barring a new requirement from our local health department, masks will be optional in school buildings beginning Saturday, March 12. Staff and students will have the choice to wear a mask at school, if personally desired. For staff, we will continue to provide access to high quality masks and PPE so that individuals feel comfortable in their specific work environment.

Our level of commitment to health and safety has not changed. We will continue reporting COVID-19 cases and outbreaks, as with any other communicable disease, and work with public health officials in responding to them.

We will also continue to emphasize good hand-washing hygiene, provide hand sanitizer, utilize testing, frequently clean, physically distance where possible, and remind anyone who is sick to stay home. Those exposed to COVID-19 should continue to follow the quarantine and isolation timeframes for returning to work or school.

If there’s anything the pandemic has taught us it is patience, support, and kindness. Even with this update, we know some of our staff and students will want to continue to mask up. Please know that we will support everyone in their decisions and respect everyone’s right to choose for themselves. A sense of belonging in schools cannot happen if someone feels bullied or harassed. Remaining kind and respecting individual mask choices is fully encouraged and supported.

In service and support,

Dr. John Polm, Superintendent