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PSD Connectivity: February 19, 2021
As one of the largest districts in Washington State, we are a leader in reopening schools for in-person instruction safely. We also continue to provide remote learning for families who prefer to remain in CL 2.0. We have learned a lot from others and from our own staff who have been providing in person instruction for several months. Now we feel we can be a model for other districts on the necessary health and safety measures in place so that returning to school can be safely done. The
CDC has confirmed that schools can have onsite education in a safe effective way and the Governor and other state leaders are asking districts to feel a sense of urgency in this work.

OSPI’s statewide School Reopening data as of Feb. 8 reports 40.6% of elementary and 22.9% of Middle/Junior High students are receiving some form of in-person instruction weekly. Here in Puyallup we have approximately 21,672 PSD students (61% student population) currently on campus as of Feb. 17. This week, junior high students started with groups A and B on campus, followed with groups C and D next week.

Our progress towards reopening for a district our size is commendable. Because of our continued efforts to mitigate transmission in schools through mask compliance, social distancing, and appropriate COVID response protocols, we are demonstrating that in-person instruction can be delivered safely and effectively. Our size limits our flexibility that is not a factor for smaller districts, as there are more variables for us to manage that complicates efforts. It takes a lot of coordination and partnering with all stakeholders. I recognize and applaud the work of principals, teachers, staff,
students and families.

Together, we can lead our community and build confidence around reopening schools.

In service and support,

Dr. John Polm