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PSD Connectivity: June 25, 2021

Now that the school year has come to an end, I want to express my sincere gratitude for your commitment to your child’s education. Together, we navigated the most tumultuous school year in educational history in which you were asked to become a teacher, tutor, monitor, technology trouble-shooter, emotional supporter, and more. From adjustments to health and safety protocols, to changing school schedules and everything in between, families adapted in support of their child’s learning. Thank you!

Summer is a time for children to rest and play. There is probably nothing more important than making sure kids get to be kids this summer. Now more than ever, they need to spend time creating, imagining, running, and interacting. Fall will be upon us soon enough. But for now, my hope is for our students to rest and recharge. There’s no doubt they have earned it!

Take care and see you in September!

In service and support,

Dr. John Polm