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Graphic Design students produce new logos for district use
Graphic Design students produce new logos for district use
Posted on 03/01/2017
graphic design kidsSeveral students in Jennifer West's Graphic Design class were commissioned to design logos for use in re-branding within the Puyallup School District.

After changing their name to the Educational Technology and Engagement Center (EdTec), leaders of the district's technology department solicited help from students in Puyallup High School's Graphic Design class.

At the same time, Stewart Elementary Principal Elissa Dornan decided it was time to replace the clip art serving as the school's logo. As Stewart Stars, the students and staff were branded with a bright yellow cartoon-like star wearing black sunglasses. Dornan and her staff wanted to rethink the school's image and commissioned a logo which would better represented the Stewart culture.

For each of these requests, students in the PHS Career and Technical Education (CTE) Graphic Design class stepped up to produce first-class designs. Teacher Jennifer West was thrilled to provide students with an assignment having real life opportunity.

CTE courses are designed to prepare students for access to meaningful post-secondary opportunities in a highly competitive global economy. The chance to design new logos for use within the school district and to market programs and schools outside of the district was directly aligned to the goal of meaningful work.

edtecThe design chosen for the new EdTec logo was created by Rian Kasner. The new name better represents the department's mission of "Education through engagement," while integration of a classic power button in the logo reminds people of a technology focus.

Principal Dornan asked PHS Graphic Design students to design logos which would encompass a college and career ready culture at Stewart - one which could be viewed a bit more seriously than the previous logo. Six top designs came from PHS to Stewart for their consideration.

starAll students, staff, and community were invited to share their opinion about the six options. The staff favored a design by Emma Hodges. A design by Andrew Jostens was the favorite star among students. To honor each, Emma's design is being used on all communications and staff spirit wear. Andrew's design is being used by Stewart PTA on all spirit wear worn by students.

In each of these design projects another goal was met - giving high school students the opportunity to use their skills in having an impact in their own community.

Congratulations to all students in Mrs. West's class for their effort and participation in meaningful work.