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Jamie Mooring Inducted into Hall of Fame
Jamie Mooring Inducted into Hall of Fame
Posted on 05/12/2017

Jamie Mooring, teacher at Puyallup High School, was unaware she would be inducted into a hall of fame when she walked into the Puyallup High School auditorium expecting a regular staff meeting.

Dave Sunich, the principal of Puyallup High School, announced there would be a special speaker that morning, one of Mooring’s previous students, Kelty Pierce.

Pierce began reminiscing about all the times Mooring had made an impact on her life as a student and how thankful she was for her as an educator.

Then Pierce announced that Mooring had won the Jostens Renaissance Educator Hall of Fame award.

Mooring speechless learning of her induction

In that moment the curtains on the stage of the Puyallup High School auditorium opened, and to celebrate her honor were some of Moorings’ students, her husband, as well as Jostens representatives with flowers, banners, and cheerful applause.

Mooring, in complete surprise of this honor, found it hard to find words in the moment to express her gratitude.

Later Mooring commented, “The Jostens Renaissance Program has provided my leadership program with an amazing direction. Our goal is to make all students feel like they are a part of one Viking family - not an easy task in a school of over 1800 students, each filled with different passions, talents, goals, and struggles. But this idea of belonging, recognition, and celebrated success is at the core of what we do.”

Each year Jostens Renaissance selects one educator throughout the nation to receive the honor of being in the Educators Hall of Fame. Since the inception of the award in 1998, Mooring is the first educator from Washington State and the Pacific NorthWest to receive this honor.

Mooring had previously received the National Coordinator of the Year award from Jostens Renaissance in 2013 for her work as a Renaissance Coordinator.

Rick Morton of Jostens celebrating Jamie Mooring

Rick Morton, a representative from Jostens, exclaimed, “Her passion for the kids is just amazing. She is a true subject matter expert who ‘just gets it’.”

Jostens Renaissance began in 1988 to reinforce Jostens commitment to academics in education, which offers thousands of schools a framework for recognizing students as well as educators for academics.

The Hall of Fame recognizes educators whose efforts have not only made a significant impact within their schools but also in the larger regional and/or national Renaissance community.

Winners will be recognized at an awards banquet at the Jostens Renaissance National Conference in July 2017, and will also receive conference registration, a hotel room during the conference, airfare, and an award ring and trophy.

Dave Sunich, principal at Puyallup High School said “The impact of Mrs. Mooring and her work with the Renaissance program can be felt in all areas of our school. It is evident in the symbolism we see on the walls, the messages shared on morning announcements, and the overall culture of kindness and generosity demonstrated by the students.  To put it simply, they have made it ‘cool to be kind’.”