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Puyallup High School Brickhouse Bistro
Puyallup High School Brickhouse Bistro in full swing after the new year
Posted on 01/17/2017

The Brickhouse Bistro has been student run since day one. Students planned menus, prepared various foods, and served public customers.

All proceeds from the Bistro go to the culinary class and Puyallup High School ASB. Tips go toward student scholarships.

The latest additions to the menu are the delectable Bahn Mi sandwich and the mouthwatering cornflake crunch cookie.

The ban mi sandwich is a soft French roll filled with pork belly, pickled vegetables, as well as cilantro and sriracha mayonnaise.

Culinary Students making Bahn Mi

Also debuting this year is a balsamic chicken caesar salad. This dish features marinated chicken cooked to perfection and house made dressing over a fresh bed of romaine lettuce.

Not only are students sharpening their culinary skills, they are sharpening their business and marketing skills associated with the restaurant industry as well.

In efforts to help advertise for The Brickhouse Bistro students have created social media such as a facebook page to help spread the word. Also added to the page was a biography of the student chefs. The bios include a short summary of the culinary student, their career goals, and their favorite food to make. Click here to read about the Puyallup High School student chefs. 

Shania Seyler, a senior at Puyallup High and an advanced culinary student said, “We have created a Facebook page because we know so many people are on social media today, so we wanted a way to put the information right in front of them. We also made a web page where we can feature menu items and we even created a chef biography page for the site so people can learn more about us."

Students encourage the community to visit the web page for the Bistro which includes menu options, operating hours, and the Bistro’s history.

“I really enjoy culinary even though I look at it as more of a hobby. When I started this culinary class I had asked myself what I wanted to learn from it. I wanted to learn how to cook good food and how to do it properly. I knew that I was going to learn about culinary but I also have learned a lot of business skills as well. For example how to work with a team and or how to manage money.”

This has given students an in-depth opportunity to learn how a fully functional restaurant operates from making the product all the way to how advertising works in business.

The Brickhouse Bistro is located at 105 7th Street SW near the main entrance of the Puyallup High School campus.

Be sure to check the Brickhouse Bistro page for menu options, operating hours and more!

Woodfire Pizza and culinary student

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