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Breaking Barriers
Breaking Barriers
Posted on 11/01/2017

The Puyallup School District stands ready to help students break barriers that may inhibit their educational success. Many students in the district have circumstances and challenges that may prevent them from attending a typical brick and mortar school, thus could easily prevent them from pursuing their diploma.  These hurdles come in many forms, whether it is health related, the need to work to support themselves or their families, being a young parent, or wanting to pursue their own passions while continuing their education. For many students, the Puyallup Digital Learning Center has been the answer to their success.

Because Puyallup Digital Learning (PDL) is a fully accredited online school, dedicated students who attend PDL, either Puyallup Open Doors (POD) or Puyallup Online Academy (POA), work independently from home the majority of the time at their own learning pace while earning a Puyallup School District diploma.

With a dedicated staff of 25, students are able to get hands on one-on-one support during the week as well as attend weekly lab sessions. The devoted staff work together with Lori Hadley, director of Puyallup Digital Learning and Parent Partnership Programs, to help eliminate any barriers for the students. “We are continuing to get systems in place that willPuyallup Digital Learning help with any transportation and child care barriers,” stated Lori Hadley.  Staff offer extended hours to ensure the students can receive the support they need if they are not able to attend during regular hours. 

It is with the dedication of the right staff in the right roles and students with a keen sense of self discipline that has proven to be an effective formula for the success and growth of these programs. From the program’s first graduate in 2014 to 72 graduates last year, the program has grown significantly in only three years.

“Each student has a story, and I am so proud of each one who has shown courage, persistence, and resiliency. Seeing the students succeed is our success,” says Lori Hadley.

To learn more about Puyallup Digital Learning programs please visit our website or call the office to schedule an appointment at 253.841.8630.