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Indian Education Graduation 2018
Indian Education Graduation 2018
Posted on 06/26/2018

Students from across the district enrolled in the Title VI Indian Education Program took part in a special graduation ceremony at the Karshner Museum and Center for Culture and Arts on June 11, 2018.

The ceremony began with a blessing from Sonny Eagle Speaker who opened with a ceremonial song officially starting the ceremony.

Pow Wow dancers performed different dances for the ceremony in honor of the graduating seniors and their future.

After the beautiful performance of Pow Wow dancers, guest speaker, Angelo Bacca shared some words of encouragement with the graduating seniors.

Sonny Eagle Speaker once again came forward to bless gifts given to the graduating seniors.

Graduating Seniors in blanket and stole

After the song of blessing, graduating seniors were asked to come forward one at a time.  Each graduating senior was presented with a ceremonial blanket as well as a stole, a Native American sash to be worn during the upcoming graduation ceremonies.

After the ceremonial gifts were presented, another blessing was sung for the students honoring their past, as well as, their futures after graduation.

View the full photo gallery of the ceremony in the slideshow below: